Delinquent Property Tax

Delinquent Property Tax


Hart County Attorney's Office

315 Main Street

P.O. Box 307

Munfordville, Kentucky 42765

(270) 524-2547

Once your tax bill is delinquent it is turned over to the Hart County Attorney's Office.


In the later part of May it is the County Attorney duty to notify you of the delinquent taxes. They will do so by letter.


This letter will let you know that a Certificate of Delinquency has been issued which constitutes a Lien of record against the property.


To prevent litigation, you should immediately contact the County Clerk's Office (270-524-2751) and pay theses taxes (plus interest and penalty) IN FULL. The County Clerk will give you a proper receipt.


In June the County Attorney will send out a 2nd letter.

This letter will advise you of the notice of force lien.

If you do not pay the delinquent tax, the property will be subject for a tax sale in September.

At that point anyone can buy them.


You may qualify for a payment plan with the County Attorney if you meet the requirements established by the County Attorney and if terms are agreed to prior to the date of the sale.

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